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  1. http://boingboing.net/2012/03/08/african-voices-respond-to-hype.html This is another interesting take on this situation. You know, since us Europpeans discovered Africa, we have pretty much been raping it. Took resources, occupied the land, enslaved people. Fucked that shit up, didn't give them a chance to be a country. In the colonial times (which went on until the last century) we also didn't really let them be proper nations. After WWII they started to gain independence BUT the (perhaps necessary) financial aids and political allegiances to USSR or USA so despite having the ideals of things like the Declaration of Human Rights, they really didn't get their chance to be a country either. And in this modern day, with this white saviour complex, we are also not recognizing them as nations with potential to solve their problems (because most countries had or have this and they slowly progress out of those situations, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Russia, Italy and other countries had brutal opressive and terror based regimes not long ago). So at least from my perspective, that whole caring attitude towards the third world is a load of shit. I believe that despite their political, military, health and econimic hells, African nations will one day overcome that, by themselves, without the hand of the white man up their anus. We have our crisis too, which we must attent to, and honestly, if you go to some sort of Kony awareness rally isntead of a rally that's pointing out and drawing attention to shitty situations in YOUR country you're not doing your part. You are contributing nothing to Uganda and their troubles, or your own.
  2. Well, this guy is obviously "a bad guy", but you need to watch out and get some more info on this movement, on Invisible People and Kony himself before you decide to support the cause or buy stuff from them. http://visiblechildren.tumblr.com/
  3. I guess it's not "always" now is it? Hahaha, I'm sorry.
  4. I assume you understand it's in the works? They are both good directors, and have some great works under their belts..... But... They both need to chillax for a bit and quit trying to pump them out. They are starting a slip a little bit. COME ON, TITANIC 3D? NECESSARY? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Titanic 1D wasn't necessary in the first place. Every night in my dreams I pretend that film doesn't exist.
  5. Nothing much to say, but I'm so excited for MASTODON that I must talk about it at all times. Been waiting for this show for 3 years, god damn shit is gonna be so epic. Fuck, it'll be brutal, progressive, beautiful all at once, God damn. Brann Dailor is probably the best drummer in the rock/metal/whatever spectre, Bill Kelliher and Brent Hinds are powerful riff gods, and Troy Sanders is also a fantastic bass player. Dunno if anyone here listens to them? Here's some tracks anyway: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6WGNd8QR-U And this next one is imo, one of the greatest "heavy" songs of all time, it's perfect and this is an amazing performance, this is a fucking band:
  6. I can't really do any of that. At all. That's why I don't really get drunk. Since christmas.
  7. Female cops shouldn't be controversial. I mean, I'm sure that there are lady cops out there. it's not the 1950s. I guess people would freak at that though, which is weird, because equality isn't exclusive to only some things... And I'm not sure what masturbation would bring to the table in a GTA game. Would you want to watch CJ jerk off? OR perhaps shift through camera options for Niko Bellic pounding off? Not really. Rape could probably be inserted in the plot/story of the game, especially seeing how in both SA and IV you could have girlfriends (or quest givers of virtual sex), something like avenging a chick or some thing like that could happen. As for animals, well, you can kill virtual people so why not virtual animals really? I do not mean to offend anyone, and I do not condone shit like hunting as a sport/pleasure (even though I drink milk, eat eggs, and have a fairly carnivore diet) but I'm not sure why there shouldn't be animals, killable animals in GTA. I think that in those early stages of SA seeing some pitbulls next to drug dealers or gang bangers wouldn't really hurt to the realism and feel of what they were trying to portray.
  8. That's probably true. Tool still seem like a band for like I dunno, shrooms or LSD. melody 8: Tera Melos. Noisy, experimental and sweet.
  9. I like Jerry's singing actually, like in the first parts of Would. It's good stuff. Oh well, that's fair what you say about the last record, I understand it, the thing still is pretty great. Of all the 90's revival, it was probably the best. Pearl Jam one sucked, but they sucked back then, Nirvana is for kids (but Kurt is dead anyway so, not much of a revival there), Jane's Addiction was pretty bad (which is weird since they put out such great records before), so Alice In Chains, DESPITE losing such a vital member still managed to make a good effort. So that's big props right there. Having seen Alice In Chains live, I do think that even the biggest Layne fan should go to the show. Great live band.
  10. Man I wanted to post here after I saw Battles last December. Dudes, FUCKIGN AMAZING BAND! They are somewhat of a super group, drummer was in Helmet (featured in San Andreas - Radio X) and one fo the guitarrists was in Don Caballero (legendary Math rock pioneer type of band). THey put on a great show, showing a lot of energy and technical prowess. If you want some happy music you can dance, but also think, these guys will be right up your alley. @Ivan: What's his solo stuff like? Btw, did you try out the last AiC record? I know a lot of people who can't get past Lainey, and I certanly won't say he's bad, because he was fucking great, but the last record was really good. They still have that darkness to them and the new singer is quite good. Most people dissing on the record are well.. close minded imo. Anyway, 2012 will probably be the best year in music for some time: New QoTSA album is very likely New Neurosis, Converge, High On Fire, Baroness (on the metulz side). Big Sir, The Mars Volta will also put out new stuff. Trent Reznor will probably drop a new How to Destroy Angels record or maybe even some NIN stuff. New Soundgarden. And there'll be this new super group, which has pretty much the most amazing line up: Brent Hinds from Mastodon, Ben Weinman from DEP, Eric Avery from Jane's Addiction and Jon Theodore former Mars Volta drummer. So basically, 2 of the best guitarrists today, one of the greatest bass players ever and an epic drummer. Yep, 2012 will be amazing for me. What are you lot expecting musically out of this year?
  11. Yeah like SV said, keep up the good work! Hope everyone here and that the site has a great 2012!


  14. Watched Carnage (or should I say The God of Carnage) by Roman Polanski. Alright now, let's see this movie is: A satire. And I really dislike those, mainly because a lot of the portuguese literature I've studied is satirical and doesn't pull it off well imo, I don't mind criticizing social norms, but it has to be done well and you can't sacrifice the flow and feel of the story just to make a point about something like religion or whatever. Set in ONE scenery, a house, alright, there's a kitchen, a bathroom and a hallway, but it is mainly set in an apartment living room. If I knew those 2 things beforehand I would have PROBABLY steered clear from this one. And I'd be absolutely wrong as this is fucking GREAT! This is an episode of when 2 couples from New York try to work out a situation their kids got into (one beat up another), what is first just a polite and civil acknowledgement of the wrongful/violent action of a child turns into a bigger argument that touches on a lot of things. This film is so funny, really, the dialogue/acting is fucking awesome, i haven't laughed so hard in a recent movie as I did with this one. And the satire aspect of this didn't upset me at all, because it flows so well with what is being said, Americans are satirized, people in general, people who take arguments and things such as child's squabbles are victims of mockery. And you can really tell Polanski is an experienced film maker. 4 actors, one scenery, one SMALL scenery, and this thing is shot/edited in such away that it prevents the film from being boring. That blows my mind, even though I'm interested in how films are made, I'm not very savvy in the field, but I can only imagine that you need to plan your shots really well in order to make a movie like this work.. This was a play originally, there are no shots in plays, in plays you do it "all in one take", in the moment. Really fucking good, GO SEE IT, you'll laugh, maybe you'll identify yourself with some of the characters views (I know I did) and I'm fairly certain you won't be bored, yes, even if this is a satire that happens in a living room with 4 different characters,
  15. Pretty fucking ridiculous. Any of you sign the petitions evo posted? Shit like this won't help record labels. Record labels would save themselves with the use of creativity. Take what people like Trent Reznor, Radiohead, Louis CK, and even bands that aren't so big like D.E.P. are doing.. putting the records out by themselves, and people do get them. Hell, just have a read at this and see how Louis C.K. was able to put out a special by himself, for an honest price, in an honest way and make profit out of it, and have more purchases than torrents: Honesty and creativity would save record labels. Shame those are 2 things that aren't respected in the business. So going after piracy is pretty much just putting in no work when releasing something.
  16. When did you stop loving me, when did I stop loving you- Marvin Gaye.
  17. Yeah I agree, shame this won't probably change anything. It is trippy to see how brainwashed those people grieving him are. Democracy is far from perfect, but I'm sure that it beats what they got going down there.
  18. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/dec/19/kim-jong-il-north-korean-leader-dies Well, 2011 is a bad year to be a motherfucker, Osama, Gadaffi, now this... What o you make of this? Personally, I am kind of joyous. If I made a list of people who had it coming in this day and age, this guy would be on top of it. He was the modern embodiment of why communism does not work. Hell, I'm surprised that the press release for his death wasn't "Our Beloved LEader chose to leave his body form, to inhabit in the spirit of all North Koreans". I really wish his death would be a turning point for politics and life in N. Korea. but it probably won't. I hope the China guy is next. I really do. Maybe it is wrong to take pleasure in someone's death, no matter how much of a terrible person they are, but damn, I honestly can't feel any sympathy towards him or anyone that supports his craziness.
  19. Watched Eraserhead (David Lynch) Wow. Very unsure of what I think about this one. It's very slow (I don't mind slow flicks, but this thing is really slow, it still didn't put me off though), and it is probably off putting to most. This felt alot more like an art piece than a "film" (this really doesn't make sense, what I mean is that this is the type of thing one would see in an art gallery) so it really must NOT be judged as a normal film (whatever that is anyway). It is definetly interesting, and it did catch my attention but it is also probably the David Lynch film I enjoyed the least. It is also the more seemingly nonsensical of what I've seen by him, I mean, his films aren't simple and easy to follow at all but this one really outdoes itself in that department. There's hardly any dialogue, so you can mostly rely on the actual imagery and Jack Nance's face to follow the film (I quite liked this though, it is an interesting experience to be "freed" from dialogue). It has some things I really like, it's dark, it's weird, fucked up in a mostly disgusting way and it is disturbing. SPOILER ALERT the nightmare sequences are FANTASTIC (SPOILER ALERT: the singing lady is DISTURBING) END OF SPOILER ALERT). I like the general image and feel of it, even if it is incredibly awkward and psichologically disturbing. This thing looks amazing, looks fucking unique. I guess if I have one gripe with this one is that well, it's pretty avant-garde. Should I be giving all these meanings to the things I'm seeing? Or are these just weird nonsensical scenes that have no intellectual or emotional sense to them? It's hard to tell (as in a lot of Lynch movies, but this is the one where it's hard to tell to the point of being unsure if it has any). It is worth a watch. I can say for sure that it is interesting and that is one of the most unique movie experiences I had. I either am really annoyed with it or really fascinated. An Austrian film, Funny Games by Michael Haneken. It is the story of two VERY creepy, violent sociopathic bullies who find their way inside a rich family's house and then proceed to torture them, physically, mentally, emotionally, you name it. It's very violent, not in a graphic way, the violent is more implied than explicit (violent things happen in the film, but none of them is given much attention on camera) and it addresses the watcher (breaks the so called 4th wall, I don't really know why, but I guess it is making a point on the public's attention or even search for violence in media). I feel that there's like 2 parts in this thing that unnecessarily long making the film seem a bit boring at times, but it is all in all an interesting even if difficult to enjoy film. The two bullies are great, we rarely get to see "villains" so unappealing and creepy. In American Psycho, which I love, Patrick Bateman is still a charming dude, not a weird creepy kid like the two lads in this. There is an american shot by shot remake of this (it was released in 2008, stars Naomi Watts I believe). I might have enjoyed that version more, merely for the fact that I'd have an easier job connecting with the language (I'm sure that a lot of the psychopaths nature was lost on me, that was merely guided by the subtitles). Three outcomes can come from watching this, you might be really fascinated, you might hate it for it may offend you somehow or you might find yourself bored. The first and last things there happened to me, I give it a light 3 out of 5. Watched The Fighter. Really liked this one, makes me want to re watch Raging Bull. The acting in this one is fan fucking tastic, namely the mother and the sisters and Christian Bale who is great as a no good brother. You really root for Micky and the whole family oh and it also makes the English, the scousers, to be such pricks. Head to body!
  20. Leaked trailer and prologue for TDKR look fucking stunning. Christopher Nolan is god.

  21. Jerry Robinson who co.created The Joker has died this weekend. RIP for creating my favourite fictional character and quite possibly the greatest villain of all time.

  22. I think that an actual tuna fish that is on the land, dying since it can't breathe gets more enjoyment out of things than this forums tuna(er). Anyway, doing all the daedric quests, they are the best ones in the game imo.
  23. Finally watched Memento. Wow. I really really really really really really enjoyed it, definetly a more juvenile film (not in the sense of the plot, or even it's shooting acting, just the feel of the film, there are lots of gags, cursing amongst other things that don't appear in Nolan's most recent work) which is understandable seeing as how it is Nolan's second feature film. I thought it was really great, unconventional and slightly puzzling story telling that complements the Leonard's predicament in the film. Made me think of how people see his films as puzzles and get put off by that. Nolan is not a direct or "simple" filmmaker but his films only take some will and attention for you to get them (long story short, THEY'RE NOT THAT FUCKING COMPLICATED). I do think the twist really gets you thinking and debating the way Lenny lives his life. It's not the most explosive twist (for this isn't Lost) but it's still great. Definetly among my "favourite films" list. A 4.5/5. Now I need to see Following and Insomnia.
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