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Grand Theft Auto Las Venturas/San Fierro/ Los Santos

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This thought actually came to me in a dream last night. Could the next GTA take place in an expanded version of ONE of the cities in San Andreas? There's been some discussion of what the next GTA would be called if it took place in an already used location, but if they used a city in San Andreas, they could just name the game after the city. Each of the cities in San Andreas had so much potential, but they were all so small and only a portion of the game involved them. If they were to do this, I think that Las Venturas would probably be the best one to use. I felt that it had the smallest role in the San Andreas storyline, and a bigger Las Venturas would be SO cool and completely different than Liberty City.

Is there a city in San Andreas you'd rather see as the setting? GTA Palamino Creek? Share your thoughts.

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