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WTF? Desktop not connecting to the internet?


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I was going through my storage things that I keep in a shed for about 5 years. And I found my new E-Machine (T2862?) So now that I found that computer I was going to use that computer just for:

- Recording Games

- Managing my YouTube / Windows Live / Yahoo / Playstation Network / XBox Live /

- Photoshop , and Sony Vegas.

So all I need to do is connect to a wireless network... and its not working. I've spent 4 in a half hours trying to figure out how to connect to the internet. I tried this...

Taking a wired internet cord and plugging it into my Laptop and into my dekstop, so the Emachine can get a connection from my Dell. And what do you know. It aint working. It will say error at the bottom right. So I tried plugging my router in and pluggin it back out. And it still doenst work. My mothers dekstop works perfectly when ever the internet router is turned on. Why isn't mine working? Can anyone help?

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hmm weird. make sure you've got it set to auto-assign an ip address.

to do this, go to control panel -> network connections -> Local area connection. Right click local area connection, then click properties. then in the box that comes up, click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), then click properties. In the general menu, make sure "obtain a IP address automatically" and "Obtain a DNS server address automatically" are selected. then click OK.

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