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F*** YouTube , Take 2 and EA

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^ I second that UG was the shit. MW was the best in the "Ricer" series, but the overall bests were NFS, NFSIISE, Hot Pursuit, High Stakes Porsche Unleashed, etc...

Didn't really like Most Wanted. However, I did quite like Porsche Unleashed, even though I only got to play a demo of it. I quite liked NFS II, and Hot Pursuit was a pretty cool concept.

^Thank goodness you meant UG...because it would've been catastrophic for your rep if you said you liked UG2 (In all fairness, UG2 is a decent game.)

I never actually played UG2, but I played Rivals for the PSP, and that was decently close to the original UG for me.

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lol this topic is turning into: which NFS is your favourite.

well underground 2 would be up there, it was fun, freeroam was cool, there was stuff to do in between races (outrun), although some cars were dropped from underground (s2000), the whole SUV thing i have to admit was a bit crap, but otherwise it was really good. never played most wanted,

i played carbon though, that was cool, i liked the cops and the car selection was a nice change from underground 2 (mercedes-mclaren SLR, koenigsegg ccx, audi R8 looking thing, other cool cars).

hot pursuit 2 was pretty cool as well, heaps of nice cars in that (and aussie cars! lol.)

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