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Xbox360 controlled heli-sniper


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The US Army's latest nightmarish deathcopter / awesome tech toy is a little something called the Autonomous Rotorcraft Sniper System (ARSS). Essentially a .338-caliber rifle mounted to the bottom of a Vigilante unmanned helicopter (though it could eventually be made to work on a Predator drone, for instance), this bad boy utilizes a modified Xbox 360 game controller for targeting while the vehicle itself stays put courtesy of its autopilot functions.

Didnt know what section this should go in...

I saw this and it just seems so cool lol. They were wrong to write that it's autonomous but still pretty cool. Hah someone posted in the comments "imagine when they make a Aimbot for it".

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Lol this seems perfect for those stupid annoying little dogs that live down/up the street and come shit on your lawn and run off. hehehehe. :evil:

some of the comments on that article are good

Should have used a mouse and keyboard for first person shooting.
This will never work until they build a remote controlled sac for tea-bagging terrorists. Then our entire military will be made up of pale skinned, socially awkward 12 year olds.
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