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Mr Wong's Laundromat now open at R* Social Club


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Rockstar have launched a new flash game that you may have heard about, Mr Wong's Laundromat is now available at the Rockstar Social Club.

This exclusive webgame allows players of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars to log onto Social Club and test out their money laundering skills in an effort to win cash and unlockable multiplayer costumes that can then be used in their copy of Chinatown Wars for the Nintendo DS™.

Players can earn up to $10,000 per day working for Mr. Wong, a local Chinatown 'businessman' who's helped more than his fair share of cash trickle seamlessly and undetected through the streets of Liberty City over the years. Launder as much cash as possible and avoid provoking Mr.Wong's short temper! Sign in to the Social Club and visit https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/cw/mrwong.html for full instructions and to play the game.

Additionally, the Chinatown Wars Downloads Section at the Social Club has been updated with Guardian Lions and Mr. Wong's ringtones (in both Mp3 and M4R format) as well as a Mr. Wong desktop wallpaper. Stay tuned for more updates to the Chinatown Wars Download Section in the near future.


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So anyone with a social club account can play this is or available only for the members who have purchased Chinatown wars?

Anyone can. But, it's not a damn good game, IMO.




Graphics don't even seem to be GTA. So yeah. There's no reason to be palying this game unless you want Chinatown Wars bonuses or to be on that leaderboard. :/

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