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PS3 Broken


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Since when can the PS3 get the Yellow Light of Death?

It happened to me today. In the PS3 manual, it says that it has over heated, and leave it to cool down.

First of all, its freezing here, the whole day it's been raining, and I have never played my ps3 for more than 4 hours. (29.4.08)

How the [hell] can it have over heated?

So anyway, I let it cool off for an hour, so then it worked.... for 2 minutes. [Oh no] , I should have at least taken out the COD4 disc...

So, people on the internet say that you have to pay like $150 if your out of warranty, mine ended Dec/2008. I think...

Coz, when I got my ps3, (20/12/2007) the guy asked if i wanted an extended warranty for 3 years instead of one, now I don't remember if my dad did it...

Is there any way to find out?

I tried calling Sony, they fucking closed at 6pm and now its 7:30. Now I have to wait till Monday. [Help] me.

[screw] Sony, [i hate] Microsoft, [please] cant they make something useful? [Oh dear]

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Chill the [hell] out. [stuff] happens it is a part of life. It sucks that it has happened to you but it has been known to happen on off occasions. Try opening the little bay on the bottom/side for the HDD and giving it a thorough vacuuming out.

If you want to know if it is still under warranty, try going down to the store you purchased it from and see if they still have the records of your purchase.

Other than that I would suggest calling Sony again and if need be sending it out.

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What model do you have? If you have the 40GB model try doing the fan test which is where you hold down the eject button while turning the PS3 on from the back switch. This will help clear your PS3 of dust. Also I suggest using a small hoover and running it over the air vents, I do this every so often to my PS3 to help keep it free of dust. If your PS3 still isn't working after all of this then just send it into Sony.

It happens to every console now and then so stop getting so worked up about it.

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Do what Mpilk said. Also, you should sign up to Continuous Play -

Protect your PlayStation®

Sign up to Continuous Play™ for as little as £2.49* a month and we’ll replace your PlayStation® system within two working days if it develops a fault after your manufacturer's warranty expires or if it becomes damaged by accident.

Complete peace of mind for you and your PlayStation® entertainment system.

For more information have a look at the FAQ.

*£2.49 is the monthly cost for protecting a PSP® & PS2®, £4.99 is the monthly cost for a PS3®

Link - https://continuousplay.co.uk/Default.aspx

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That's too bad, I think a service like this should be worldwide. It isn't fair on people from other countries. Having said that, it's good to get an exclusive service for once from Sony.

If it's any consolation, I've had several mesages saying the firmware couldn't be run, and I had to switch the PS3 off via the back switch, NOT a good idea. It can lose all your data, luckily I haven't yet, but I should back-up the data more often, really.

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