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Name of the next City

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Are you not aware that San Andreas was an entire state, comprised of three cities, a mountain and a desert?

Anyway, if you had an entire continent to work with, then it would take about ten/twelve years to make, and what they started with would be out of date (styles). Anyway, Rockstar need to be focussing on smaller things, rather than just bigger playing areas.

More features, such as televisions, car interiors/interactive dashboards, more destructive objects (buildings and landscape) should be focussed on, not making the map too big to work with.

Anyway the most satisfying feeling i get when playing a GTA game for the first few times is learning my way around. Once i could get to unity station from grove street without referring to the radar, then i was happy. When i mastered the ocean beach to downtown route, i was happy. Revisiting brilliant places, such as the airport, or film studios, or something, is rewarding also. Never possible with a flaming continent.

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