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  1. Now this site has the biggest selection of smilies i have ever seen.
  2. i dont know.1960's-1970's would have the best cars.but any where above that would have the best wepons.
  3. post the link again when you get at least 30 posts.
  4. the ghost town probably wont be there.rockstar will probably put like a grassy area or hills or something.
  5. it kinda gay because some of the houses you buy look the same.they just cost more for the same small crappy house.
  6. so why would they put the dodo with small wings its a waste of space,it was no fun to fly,my best time of keeping it off the ground was 25 seconds.instead of the dodo they should have made helicopters or jets be flyable.
  7. oh well.thats its name.
  8. yeah i have to agree that is pretty retarted.
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