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  1. chopper123


    Love the skin
  2. chopper123

    some new smilies

    Now this site has the biggest selection of smilies i have ever seen.
  3. chopper123

    Three Word Story

    which burned your...
  4. chopper123

    what city/time period should gta4 be?

    i dont know.1960's-1970's would have the best cars.but any where above that would have the best wepons.
  5. chopper123

    Three Word Story

    blew up in...
  6. chopper123

    Do you shake your legs?

    i never shake my leg.
  7. chopper123

    Please visit our forum!

    post the link again when you get at least 30 posts.
  8. chopper123

    Three Word Story

    who then ate...
  9. chopper123


    the ghost town probably wont be there.rockstar will probably put like a grassy area or hills or something.
  10. chopper123


    it kinda gay because some of the houses you buy look the same.they just cost more for the same small crappy house.
  11. chopper123

    Three Word Story

    who was vary...
  12. chopper123

    That leet forum(gay name I know)

    ok i will join
  13. chopper123

    Three Word Story

    made by a
  14. chopper123

    Three Word Story

    cut off by...
  15. chopper123

    Flying in the dodo plane

    ive flown the dodo for 20 seconds.