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Playstation 3 Question


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Okay, I haven't played my PlayStation 3 in about 2 months now. Can it like forget its memory or something, like can it forget what time it is and my name?

Also this has been bothering me ever since I bought one, when you try to get your PS3 repaired how can you keep your saved game data. Like the memory for saving your games?

- Husky

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Are you serious? Better not be lol. This does look like a troll (dunno why you'd troll though) but I'll give a serious answer anyway because the Internet is serious fucking business.

Of course it can't forget, the time can go out of sync if you leave it off for ages, but that's easy to fix just "Set via Internet" to get it correct again.

As for your second question which is infinitely less retarded than the first...Well, Microsoft tell you to remove the hard drive before you send a 360 back for repair, I would imagine Sony tell you the same. If not, do it anyway so they don't "lose" it.

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Yeah. I backed up my saves a few months ago, and cleared the hard drive out, because of MGS4 taking like 20 Gigs from the PS3. You could also get the game data and put that on a hard drive, but they're huge files, because you need them to play certain games, like GTA4 and MGS4. You know, the hard drive space requirement stuff.

BTW, I was thinking of deleting you from my friends list, because of your inactivity. I haven't yet, I haven't deleted anyone actually, but just to let you know.

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