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So what your saying is that they don't have a forum on their site? I'm gonna chop my friend to pieces and... Ignore the strike through words please! :innocent:

I just want to know that's all since my friend is talking crap right now >.<

Stupid flood control made me post the sentences three times :pissed: Sorry I'm having a bad time here

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No shit, he inspired me to make video's for you guys. But uh I just want to know if you still want me to do that project for you. Or just word playtrhoughs.

Yeah, you should make vidoes, that way there would be even more reasons why to join in the website! :awesome:

If you'll google it. The description of the website says "Grand Theft Auto Videos", but the site is down for some reason, so possible there's no forums. But according to Chris, the forums is actually GTA-Junkies, which is also down.

Jeez, from what I know those people gotta get their shit together so it's not down (especially when 2 of em are down) :hurrhurr:

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