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It's finally here!

Download here (with information) - Updated

New Features:

Spawn Peds + View Model Name/No.

Cutscene Viewing (+ bugfixes)

Plugin Compatibility.

Tons more new abillities.

Machinima Keys (Not working this version)

And much more.

Comments, questions, statements. You know what to do ;)

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Deji, it's a nice mod but REL is a complete work. Since your current work is BETA it's still Work in Progress... You may want to edit that to WIP.

Fine, fine... Picky, eh? :P

I've made a few (really minor) updates to this and the main page... I'm working on the 0.9 but I have decided to spend a little longer on it than I originally planned, this does mean that the next update will be better and more glitch-free though ;)

I might be able to fix the direction in the player movement keys :)

EDIT: I would edit the title but for some reason I'm not allowed? :)

EDIT2: Yay, edited it... :P

Edited by Deji
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