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Will GTA 4 run on my computer?

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Well i don't intend on putting it on MAX. Is there any game that has similar graphics, so that i can make a comparison first? Cuz i think NFS Undercover has similar graphics and it runs on high with almost no lag.

Hmm, it's not easy to make a performance comparison between two games, since they don't share the same engine and codebase. Game A may have similar (or even better) graphics to Game B, but it doesn't mean that both will run fine on one system, since they were written differently. IV runs slower because the developers were in a hurry at porting the console code to x86 (read: PC) systems. Crysis is said to be significantly faster than IV probably because it was written for PCs from the start. At the very least, Crysis can run fine on a GeForce 7300, given that it uses a minimal configuration.

The 9500 will be just fine, you will be able to play it on low without lag.

Agreed. An 8400 can run it, albeit a bit slower.

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