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Which OS is the best?



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    • Windows 7
    • Vista
    • XP
    • Ubuntu
    • Mac OS X
    • Other

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Oh ffs what is the point in adding vista to the list, i mean come on, who is going to pick vista for god sakes i mean it's slower than windows 3.11, 2000 was actuly very quick, ME was shit due to it's crap DirectX support, then XP and Windows 7, ive been using nothing but 7 since the beta and i love it, and got i pre-orderd, vista doesent even deserve to be on the list.

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Oh I like how you changed the poll after half of us had already voted when it was between just 7 and Vista... Luckily I'm an admin so I can change my vote. But either way I don't think it's something you can really poll, because some OS's are just suited to certain people at the end of the day. And some of us, like me, use multiple OS's everyday.

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For the lulz, i find it fast, for showing off too. :P

I'm gonna download a Ubuntu theme, thats just like KDE.(KDE was my first linux like OS)1.6 GiB that is, ftw/

I'm also glad that MS finally made one fast OS, that may compete with Ubuntu.Ubuntu can be perfect if you have lots of RAM and Wine, you can run almost everything thats made for Windows with Wine,although you need a little bit xperience with the path typing, the install by default is set to install(for every game and program),to C://Program Files/....

You need to type the path manually.(or select it, i find typing it easier, there a lot of directories in ubuntu so you may get lost :P

BTW, can anyone tell me where to get a weather zip code or something for Macedonia,Skopje.

Need to set that weather applet up.

Here's what i mean when i say applet.


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so you should get Kubuntu, Ubuntu uses Gnome not KDE ...

So you reckon OSX is worse than vista?? Tbh its really not that bad once you get used to it. generally macs are pretty good. ive said this before and il say it again. when they work (most of the time) they work great, when they dont, theres something really messed up and takes forever to fix. eg ... booted up some persons powerbookG4 and it said it couldnt find a driver for cpu0 !

btw the weather code


I used ubuntu on the desktop pc for a while, it lagged more than XP though. and whenever i went to youtube or anything with embedded video it'd crash :( But it was pretty cool, i liked the screensaver - flying toasters XD...and those screen effects if you drag the window and it goes like wobbly. the built in games were cool too, blackjack etc.

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Nah. ive tried that code, it's from firefox's accuweather addon, right?

It doesn't work, there's something else here.

oh it doesnt work? :(

yeah using Forecastfox, which uses accuweather.

just use that lolz. im sure my mate has a vista weather thing works for him. is it just cos you dont have a code for your one?

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Not tried Windows 7, but XP is the one that I favour :) It's just so simple and the themes are suttle. Vista looks crap :P

Don't like Ubuntu/Linux (can't even figure out how to install the damn thing, but I've used it when it was on someone elses PC) and I would get Mac, but nothing works on it xP

I've got 3 copies of XP on my PC (All professioal) and one is broken (slow as hell), one I use for my website and a few other things and the other I use for just about anything else...

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well Ubuntu is really easy to install now because it comes with the Wubi installer.

Basically, you dont even need to partition your drive, just make sure you got around 10GB of free space, then you can install Ubuntu, and it just uses a install wizard. When you don't wanna use it anymore, you can uninstall it from the Add/Remove Programs menu. It's good.

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I forgot to mention i do happen to use Ubuntu aswell, i just uninstalled 8.10 and replaced it with 9.04 after it arrived by post, and yah i have a strage thing, i dont like downloading it, i'd rather have real copies of them, after all it's still free ;)

Why uninstall it when you can update it from the update manager?

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Vista runs like a charm on my PC. It does have some minor problems, but after all, this is someone's preference to what OS they use. I like the design of Vista, it has this professional look, and like I said in the other topic, I thought Windows 7's theme was shit, obviously I'm gonna test it out myself soon, so personal opinion for me should change. My mates tell me it's had a performance increase? I dunno, haven't exactly tested it myself. I just think you need a good PC to run Vista on and you're complete. So then problems shouldn't occur.

This is all just my opinion.

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I agree with steam, sorry, but anyone who does vote for vista is a retard, either that or doesent know any other OS, on the topic of windows 7, my pc had a major crash this morning compleatly randomly, and then belive ti or not it took 30 mins to boot into a usable OS, only to find out the stupid ethernet port on the motherboard had caused it >_<. But come on, how can you say vista looks better than 7, i love 7 as you can fully customis the theme to what you want, i love the fact you can make the taskbar ect any colour under the sun, and the sound scemes are quite nice, since the standard one is utter crap, making pethetic litte chripy sounds, vista deserves to be binned and forgoten IMHO.

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