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My Idea For The Next GTA


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I think it would be really cool if Rockstar somehow added a political aspect to the games. I know this is not quite what they've done in the past, but to have an open world game where various factions and militias openly compete, or there is some sort of insurgency going on, would be really fun to play. Mercenaries sort of brushed on this, but quite frankly, Rockstar could do a better job in their sleep.

I think they could put in features like ambushes where you get some sort of team together and attack an enemy convoy; raids of enemy bases; IED's; and bigger explosives. If you play around, you can sort of do this in GTA IV, but it would be really cool to have it purpose built.

Rockstar could invent some sort of fictional city gripped by civil war, such as Beirut during the 1970's and 1980's (and change the names of course), with multiple parties you could choose loyalties to. Destroy-able buildings would be a plus too, giving a bigger sense of realism if you were going to design a war zone.

So, these are just my thoughts. Probably not gonna happen, but I think it would be cool if it would.

They could make the setting somewhat like this:

or this:

with heavy urban combat and tight streets, but add big vehicles like tanks and apc's.

Also a stretch, but they might be able to add some sort of MMORPG aspect in multiplayer, where you could have a few hundred or thousand players fighting on all sides, belonging to like a half-dozen or more factions with various capabilities.

If you look up the Lebanese Civil War, particularly where it pertains to Beirut, you'll get a pretty good picture of what I mean.

So anyway, its just an idea, but definitely one I'd buy.

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