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What's the best graphcs card I can get for £40


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I have a £40 (About $66) budget, and I need to get a new (gaming if that makes a differance?) graphics card because the one I have is quite frankly...crap.

So whats the best Graphics card I can get for £40, and is it worth buying it to replace a NVIDIA Gefore 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 610i?

My brother has a NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS, (They are worth about £18 or $30 at the cheapest from Amazon) and I would like to get one that's better than his (because he'll get mad :lolbounce: )

Here are my current PC Specs, because it would be better if I didn't have to buy any other new equiptment, so I want to know first hand:

Packard Bell, Windows Vista Home Premium

Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40 GHz

3.00 GB RAM

32-Bit Operating System

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9500GT is a decent card (I have it on my PC), ain't the best card you get, but then again, you can only play games (e.g. Crysis, Far Cry 2) at around medium/high settings (Some my be very high). From what I heard though it's not really a gaming graphics card, you'd be better off getting your hands on a 9600GT, at least it will make a better difference.

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Well to answer that question, it entirely depends on if your card supports the game. Secondly, think of it like this, if the game is graphically intense, then you know yourself it's not going to max it out, probably on low/medium settings. If you're lucky, some at high or very high.

I have the 9500GT (512MB) and I get around 20-25 FPS when playing Far Cry 2 (Only on DX9, If it's DX10 it lags really bad). Crysis gets around 15-25 FPS if I've set everything on High Settings. If I put the Shader Quality and Particles effect to medium settings, it gives me a performance boost (30 FPS and around 25 FPS when in fights). GTA4, well I dunno, haven't tested it, but from what I seen, it doesn't seem to good to handle IV.

The ATi card seems equivalent to the nVidia card, but like Steam said, go for ATi, cheap.

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