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Staten Island?!?!

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Someone in the comments at this website: http://www.rockstargames.com/news/2009/08/...lad_of_gay_tony says that they witnessed a demo and...well I'll just let them speak for themselves:


Dude, I saw a new piece of land in another screenshot from a convention where they held a 2 mission demo involving the new helicopter and parachute. Looks like Staten Island. Don't know if it's just for 1 mission or if we're really getting a 5th piece to GTA 4.

And, on a picture of the demo, there are also rumours that the TV shows Staten Island (or other) because, I've never seen such road with these trees.


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I saw the same pic yesterday, I was going to post it in the Four Fansite Pics topic, but I couldn't understand

what a horse would be doing in GTA so I left it out. Lol to bad that horse is the pic because everyone would go bonkers thinking there is a fifth island.

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