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Seagate HDD's.


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i think you mean the 7200.10 ??

because they all had common faults (like with a car when it gets recalled due to xyz problem) that's what happened. we actually had a drive from a customer they said "oh it wont turn on anymore says no boot device" the whole drive was f**ked. some physical fault im not sure what.

otherwise i dont see any problem with seagate they make good drives, only ones i hear is , stay away from: maxtor. the rest are good (well, WD, samsung, seagate)...

the drives i have ... in my laptop im not sure, in one desktop is a samsung, and both my externals are WD caviar blue 500gb.

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generally these things dont just fail outta randomness. it DOES happen. but its rare. if u drop your PC while its on, hit it, any vibrations or shock, power surges, lightning while pc is on, all could possibly cause it.

7200.10 had technical faults however. But im sure many seagate drives are holding lots of pr0n important data and will continue to do so for a long time.

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