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If you get spybot s&d then make sure u turn off the resident program (SDHelper, teatimer) cos that eats a lot of ram etc and its fine without it.

Spybot is good though, has the immunise thing which is good.

I recommended to get both because when I scanned, malwarebytes found nothing, then i scanned with spybot and it found like 3 or 4 things. and yes they both had latest updates. So it's good to cover all bases. Unlike anti-virus programs, you can have multiple anti spyware programs without issues.

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spybot chews up lots of RAM if you dont disable teatimer and sdhelper

it works better than the others imo. that and malwarebytes works the best and is what i and my cousin at his computer shop uses.

did you not read what i wrote, or as soon as you saw "chews up ram" just stopped reading the sentence lol.

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