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Guitar Hero question

The Bossman

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Why is it, that with each new GH game, the tracklists are getting worse and worse? I thought Guitar Hero 3 had the best tracklist, but I've listened to samples of all the songs in GH4 and 5, and they suck. There was only about 4 or 5 that sounded good in each game. I was trying to save points on Lockerz to get the GH5 guitar bundle, but now I'm not so sure. The tracklists are going towards the Alternate/Modern Rock genre, which isn't what GH is about. It should be about Motorhead, and Metallica, and Slayer, etc. Not Coldplay, Blur and No Doubt.

I'm sure it's about reaching a bigger mainstream audience, but still. They're alienating all their original fans, and I'm personally getting bored of all this soft-rock shite.

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Couldn't they have just released like 3 Guitar Heroes?

I mean, the tracklist can basically be updated and do they really add enough new gameplay features to justify a new purchase yet again?

A very good point. Put it this way, no matter how many number of guitar hero games they make, their still going to sell loads. Businesses want to make money and that is what Activision is doing. Guitar Hero is a perfect game for this. It's the same thing with Fifa.

I've never bought a guitar hero or rockband game myself, mainly because they release a new one so often and it cost so much for the guitar and the game when in comparison to a normal game.

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DLC is being used alongside the main GH releases, but I agree they don't need a new one every year, or 6 months even. Also, even the DLC isn't that great. I heard a bit of upcoming DLC for GH5, and it's rubbish. It's basically rock and rap, and it doesn't work. It's on wikipedia.

They can re-use artists they've used before, but just use different songs. Eg, Slayer, they'll have to use the censored versions, Lamb Of God, Slipknot, In Flames. I don't know why they feel they have to use new artists every time, there aren't that many great heavy metal bands and rock bands out there, so they shouldn't feel pressured into using new ones every time.

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Well to be honest I think it works well like this. If they had more metal bands then that would be better but if the tracklist was only ever metal or hard rock I'd get pretty bored of it quickly. Plus if a girl bought the game and most girls aren't exactly into classic metal or hard metal, she probably wouldn't want to be playing to slayer or lamb of god. It's mostly guys who like that style of music and guitar hero is mainly a family styled game.

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