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AVG 9.0 causing BSODs

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Yeah, so lately after getting pissed off that my PC would BSOD every night, I just now actually was awake while I did a virus scan and uncovered the fact that my newly updated AVG 9 is causing me to get Blue-Screens every time I scan my PC.

BSOD Info: BSOD Info.txt

The Video: AVG causes the BSODs!.txt Since I couldn't upload MP4s/ 3GPs you need to save the video to your desktop and change the extension to 3GP or MP4.

Any ideas on how to fix this? First I'm going to update Vista for the first time in a month....

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nah no idea man. yep you should run windows update regularly (like once a week at least) but its weird that AVG is causing problems. that being said I'm running 8.5 , just find a 8.5 setup, with the latest definitions there's likely no difference.

Yeah, I'm gonna see if I can get back to 8.5.

And I wasn't updating Vista because I found before that it was causing me problems, like the internet to stop working, ODDs disappear, etc.

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