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GTA 5?


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The next Grand Theft Auto game is called "Grand Theft Auto V". It is set in a completely redesigned, modern day Los Santos. Grand Theft Auto V will be released in either 2012 and (provided the world doesn't end) 2013. It will be the start of a new storyline/timeline.

Look at the posts date ffs. This was from BEFORE the trailer was announced. Of course they know that now.

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My apologies for any offence caused. I was just updating the page, in case somebody chooses to continue this old topic.

Thats not how forums work - this isn't a wiki where we keep every page updated, it's a series of discussions or questions/answers. Since the information is all over these forums (and the web), we assume they know. If someone still has a question, they'll ask it now.

To explain why: bumping ancient topics like this back up to the top of the lists (where the personal originally asking the question might not even be active anymore) makes more relevant & useful topics disappear down on the page or off the front page, and it makes this forum an inactive hive of old questions with new questions being unanswered.

Remember forums are navigated by recent posts in active topics, not like a wiki where it's browsed based on subject and links. The most recently posted topics get ALL the attention, which works for question/answers and discussions like this.

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