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Your Favorite GTA Easter Eggs

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Ok, when i was going trough all my GTA games, I thought what easter eggs I like the most through the GTA Saga.

I had a few listed down, But post more so everyone can see your favorite :awesome:

Game: GTA IV

The original "Claud Speed" outfit from GTA III

Game: GTA SA

The sign on the on the Gant Bridge "There are no easter eggs up here, Go away"

Game: GTA VC

The Malibu dancers on the stage look like the Village People

There are many, many, MANY more than that but those are my favs.

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In gta san andreas,one of my favorite easter eggs are the sign on the gant bridge and the body bags in the desert.

In vice city ,on the vcpd news building,the chocolate easter egg.very funny.In vice city stories it is under construction.

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