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  1. I'd like to see Niko again, he was my favorite protagonist.
  2. Well I got the game now and I tested it, and the VCPD Maverick is just as I expected. There's no cannons on it you can shoot with.
  3. That's very strange. I've got all the weapons from drug wars without any problem, however I have Episodes from LC for the 360 and not PS3. I really don't know what's going on with your set up unless they possibly changed it to require more drug wars to get the weapon spawns. Also during Sexy Time I didn't have much issue with it. It certainly took me more than 3 rockets to sink the yacht though, but I did notice when my machine gun rounds hit the escaping boats, they exploded quickly, though was hard to hit them. I tried switching to first person view in the helicopter after a while and was finding it a bit easier to hit them, although I nearly landed in the water a few times from not paying attention. Despite that I was still too slow to destroy the third boat and they made it to shore, but instead of trying to take them out with my helicopter I just landed it and got out my sniper rifle and took them out. I think they were running in the direction of the abandoned casino during my mission, so I had a nice clearing for good sniping. The one guy's rocket went off when I sniped him though and it flew right over my head. That was close. lol
  4. I like the silenced 9mm for the stealth aspect of it. I like the Tec 9 because it looks the coolest. I chose sawn off shotgun because you can dual wield it. I chose the sniper rifle because it's fun one shotting helicopters with it. I chose satchel charges because it's fun attaching them to peds and blowing them up, and sometimes even to yourself. I went with the AK because it's just an infamous weapon no gangster should leave home without. I chose minigun because it simply owns all instantly. I almost picked the dildo because there's something magical about using it to beat someone to death. I've even destroyed police helicopters with it. Ultimately I chose the knife instead though for the stealth aspect behind it. And there's nothing stealthy about waving around a gigantic purple double ender.
  5. Awww no Mike Toreno? He gives the best quote during Vertical Bird. "You'll be home for a blow job and a bologna sandwich." But I guess I'll go with Woozie. Anyone who can race or perform a drive by while blind deserves recognition.
  6. I only just started posting here today so I'm very new, but I immediately noticed this place was very inactive. I began poking around the forums anyway for any interesting threads and came across a couple posts by a certain mod that were directed at another poster, their posts were pretty disrespectful, and not a very welcoming sight seeing that there is a mod insulting a someone. It just doesn't look good seeing forum officials acting that way. For that reason I voted for new staff, I know not every mod/admin on these boards are like that. Reading through posts I've spotted some very nice people here, but every community has its bad seeds too, and it doesn't take a lot of them to scare off/ discourage others from continuing coming by here. I also voted for re-designing the forums. So far I have no problem with navigation, however I prefer a dark color for the backgrounds of our posts. I used to post on forums a lot years ago and all the ones I liked most had usually a black background with white text or dark blue background. It's easier on the eyes. I might be able to change that in the settings for myself though, I haven't thought about checking til right now. I also voted for bringing back forum gangs. I've never experienced that here, so I'm not sure what I missed, but it sounds interesting. I have actually posted on forums a while back that were labeled a 'GORM' which is a cross between 'forum' and 'game'. It was a very neat concept though. Basically you had factions you could join or create yourself, and could actually fight other posters on the forum. It was text based, but it wasn't as simple as just going into a thread and typing *enters thread and shoots at OP and leaves* though. The account you used to post on was basically your avatar and you can equip yourself with weapons and armor. I don't remember how you actually initiated combat as it's been a few years now, but it was basically as if everyone had an Attack option on them in their posts and doing so would either warrant you a successful attack where you damaged/killed them depending on how high your skills were, or you failed to hit them. I think failing to harm them gave you soem kind of penalty. Managing to kill your target rewarded you with money that can be used for better combat equipment. But like I said, I'm new to these forums so I don't know how the gang thing here worked out, but as soon as I read that you guys had a gang system here I immediately thought of that. Personally I found it very fun. But even though I haven't been here long, I think this could be a pretty fun place once the ball gets moving again. It's been a while since a new GTA was released, so inactivity for a GTA forum is gonna be a factor til a new game is announced. I do hope for the best though.
  7. As for as I'm concerned it's just a helicopter with police livery. I haven't got VCS just yet, but I will in a few days. I'll edit my post if I find anything interesting about it. But I doubt I'll be able to fire from it. I've played the original VC, but I don't think I ever bothered to get my hands on the police maverick there, however I have flown the SAPD maverick and the only thing that came with was a search light you can turn on and off, but still no guns. So my guess is the VCPD maverick in VCS won't have any cannons or guns you can fire from it.
  8. I liked the cement shoe guys from Vice City. That rusty wheelchair referencing the Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the dock near Polomino Creek in SA was another favorite.
  9. San Andreas. I loved the game world it was in, the setting, the characters, the vehicles, the minigames, the only bad thing about it was you had to eat. But the game has so many fun features to it, it's probably my favorite game. But TBOGT has become a close second, I like drug wars. Very fun.
  10. I still come back to SA. I just had and still do have so many hours of fun playing it. All the fun vehicles, being able to go offroading in the countryside or desert. Driving off the side of mount Chiliad. lol All the myths in the game helped give it more replay value too. Going on bigfoot hunts, looking for UFO's, going in Back o Beyond and still checking to see if the 'ghost cars' really will come to life and chase after you. Sure it'll never happen without mods, but it was still fun pretending something could happen, and at night with fog it did look creepy in the countryside.
  11. It's well deserved imo. It paved the way for the rest of the GTA games and put the series on the map.
  12. First GTA I played was the original sometime back in 98. Rented it with my brother at Blockbuster. lol
  13. I haven't yet but getting both LCS and VCS soon and looking forward to it.
  14. From GTA3: "My mother's my sister!" From Vice City: "Is today national drive slow day?" If you're blocking traffic.
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