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  1. shootist

    In need of vorbis.dll

    Is there something wrong on your computer?Is it slow?I think you should re-install the game or just get a new game.
  2. shootist

    Your Favorite Gta Sa Mission

    Yep,my favorite are: 1.Reuniting the families 2.All of woozie's missions. 3.Pier 69. 4.End of the line. The hardest for me is supply lines.
  3. shootist

    III vs. VC vs. SA

    Gta san andreas is the best gta and the biggest gta game ever made.Nothing can beat it,unless another gta comes,like gta san andreas stories.It should be better.
  4. shootist

    San Andreas Stories discussion

    these are my options if san andreas stories would be made, 1.It should be set in the whole state of san andreas. 2.Vehicles should be better. I am sending only these right now.I will send more afterwards
  5. shootist

    GTA:VC trivia

    These cars appear,i think.because i can't remember and my gta vice city is not working also so here they are. deluxo hotring racer sabre turbo sandking sentinel.Spawns from the beggining when you purchase sunshine autos. I think one more car was there or not? I can't remember.The which i remembered were these ones.
  6. shootist

    Your Favorite Gta Sa Mission

    My favorites, 1.Drive Thru 2.Catalyst 3.Just business 4.House party. 5.Reuniting the families 6.Are you going to san fierro? 7.Pier 69 8.Saint Mark's Bistro 9.Breaking the bank at Caligula's 10.A home in the hills. 11.End of the line.
  7. Woozie is a great man,\.I am going to put the points here why i like him. 1.He is blind. 2.He doesn't argue. 3.He's a modest and truthful man. 4.I just like him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. shootist

    Favorite Weapon

    i used to like the chainsaw in vice city but in san andreas,i don't like it one bit.Its just okay.
  9. shootist

    Maximum time flying with the Dodo.

    Only 2 minutes,22 seconds.No mods.Just learned it by a YouTube video.
  10. shootist

    best gta game

    This is my in order: 1.San Andreas 2.Vice city stories 3.Gta 4 4.Liberty city stories 5.Vice city 6.Ballad of Gay Tony 7.Gta 3 I don't have the lost and damned, Chinatown wars and advance.
  11. shootist

    Claude talks in GTA3 beta trailer

    Yeah,it is Salvatore.And why would rockstar want Claude and Salvatore voice to be same.That would make the game very......very......I don't know what to say.
  12. shootist

    Is chinatown wars better than gta and gta 2

    I don't have gta Chinatown wars,but i still like it more than gta and gta 2.I don't know why i like it.
  13. shootist

    Need help with this mission

    I was also stuck at that mission.Please reply at what thing bothers you and you can't do.
  14. This is my list: 1.CJ Carl Johnson 2.Tommy 3.Victor 4.Toni 5.Niko 6.Claude
  15. shootist


    Man,i'd rather not be wasting my time here.I hate cheats.Mysteries and secrets are great.I can discuss about those,but later on.
  16. shootist

    Favorite girl friend

    Same goes for me.I like Denise.She's great.
  17. Mine is the end of the line.It's quite fun,though some of you may find it a little difficult.
  18. From Zero to Hero,In the Air Tonight,Over the Top and Last Stand.
  19. shootist

    Tunnel guys?

    They are quite funny guys.It was good that they are having Molotov cocktails.Don't know why they were surrounding a hidden package.
  20. shootist

    how many peds have you killed

    I've killed more than 9000.It is 18970.Quite tired of killing them.
  21. shootist

    favourite car?

    My favorite is the infernus and the cheetah.Other cars suck,like the stinger.I'm not saying that its a bad car,i'm just saying i don't like its style.The yakuza one is pretty cool.
  22. shootist

    a way to kill the don

    I killed him with a sniper rifle.Oh yeah,I blowed his head.First time,i did it with the bazooka,but that wasn't fun.
  23. shootist


    I'd vote for tommy.Why? Because he has got more weapons,like the minigun or m60.He has got guards.Fido is mute.What could he do? Only the powerful weapons that he have are the rocket launcher,m16 and the shotgun.AK-47 is just okay. And it isn't Fido,It is Claude.Thats his name.
  24. shootist

    Favorite Character?

    My favorite is Claude.The game's protagonist.Thats his name.Claude is the one who is mute.Although,i haven't played the game too much but i read every article of it on the net.
  25. shootist

    Weird stunt boat challenge problem

    But what about your computer? Is it okay?