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What do you think of British National Party(BNP)?


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There party is full of complete SCUM.

Meh, my parents vote labour anyway.(This is for England)

Basicly BNP is a party which want to stop immigration for good and deport all criminals who are foreign back to there countries.

there party is racist

few years back one of the members of BNP called black people monkeys also said that when black people grow up, they will have less iq than white people.

Nick griffin also said that islam a wicked vicious faith and took the piss out of allah(not my religon)

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Less IQ? Maybe, but IQ is not a measure of true intellegence. Maybe if minorities were treated better and could afford better education, they wouldn't grow up with a lower IQ. But even if they do, that doesn't mean to say they're not intellegent.

I'm mixed race and just took a IQ test (I was bored) and scored 117, which is 17 higher than the last time I tried. Most of the answers were just guesses though, because the IQ tests are all based on a certain thing. They ask a few questions which are basically maths, but garbled in a complicated sentence and a few other odd things that you would never need to know on an everyday basis. I never saw any programming questions in there... Ask me a few questions about how to do some PHP stuff or recode San Andreas and my IQ would've been higher than about 80% of the people in the world.

And what does academic success have to do with life? I may know a lot of programming, but there are people who are clever enough to live in places without needing a house or money by setting up their own camps and hunting for their own food. Put me there and I'd probably starve to death :) So who's the clever one when a person with an IQ of 200 is lying dead on an island while a guy who never went to school is surviving in the natural way that humans are supposed to live? Even if the guy with 200 IQ knows how to make a spaceship, I'd rather be the guy who's alive.

Anyway, the BNP are just stupid racists who should be arrested... But they're not the only ones like that. There are a whole load of people who get away with this.

Oh well, everyone hates them so they might as well pack up and leave :)

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They have balls and do things most politicians wouldn't think of doing, that's why they're popular in some areas. I don't like them, I remember one of their advertising campaigns, and there was a big argument over one of their leaflets. It's supposed to feature BNP voters, but it DIDN'T. The 2 old people are Italian and are horrified to be on the leaflet, the 3 builders are American models - as a sidenote, there was another image with a black worker but they chose to ignore him, there's supposedly a british Spitfire plane which is actually a Polish plane, which ironically the BNP opposed, the doctor's an American actor, the Scottish Guard on the image was also horrified, and said the following - "fuck off, they are scumbags and I would never vote for them in a million years," and the mother and child are also American. See a funny fake version here - http://conservativehome.blogs.com/.a/6a00d83451b31c69e2011570a52834970b-500wi, the real version here - http://images.mirror.co.uk/upl/m4/jun2009/3/4/bnp-leaflet-360531151.jpg and an article - http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/hope-not-hate/2009/06/02/fake-bnp-leaflet-shows-there-is-no-lie-too-big-for-the-bnp-115875-21408640/

They're twats, basically.

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I'm not sure if they have changed their laws but a couple of years ago on their website they wanted to stop imports and exports in the UK and make us an entirely independent state. I personally think that is stupid as imports and exports are very important to a countries economy.

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In my opinion, some of there policies seem fair, like removing us from Afghanistan, which is what everyone in Britain wants by the sounds of it. On the other hand, they are the biggest bigoted racists in the country, and they still deny it. How Nick Griffin could compare himself to the greatest leader Britain has ever had (Winston Churchill) is unbelieveable really. My views are the same with UKIP. After attending a college Question Time session with some of the local candidates (one of which was from UKIP) they seem just as racist as the BNP! But of course, we are in a deep recession. As history has previously seen, the public of countries seem to turn to the radical parties when the country is on a downer. Take Germany for example, ever since the Treaty of Versailles the number of seats the NSDAP (Nazi Party) had in the Reichstag increased, low a behold, Germany was in the biggest debt it had probably ever seen. I hope Britain does not turn out the same, and the public keep voting for the parties who can actually do some good for this country..(Conservative, Lib Dems, Labour).

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What is interesting about the BNP using Winston Churchill is that he was half American, not what the BNP likes. They still believe in the bollocks that people in this country should be Native Britians from the Ice Age. However some of their policies are not bad, they want to abolish Battery farming and get rid of tower blocks which I do agree with. But there is no denying they are incredibly racist.

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