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Episodes From Liberty City Coming to PC and PS3


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I didn't expect this at all, it's a very nice surprise to log on to. :) I'll definitely buy this, I haven't got CTW so far for PSP, doesn't really appeal, but this looks really great fun. I don't care how old the game is, PS3 owners should look forward to buying it.

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Right, so it'll be coming out on PS3 as an ordinary game, requiring no downloading or anything like that? I'm not online with my PS3 so I can only buy ordinary games that have no on-line requirements to run.

If that is the case, then I'm bloody happy with that!!

Yep, It'll be on a disc just like the 360 version was, as well as each individual episode being available as a download from either the PSN or Games for Windows Live.

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I googled this but couldn't find it. So, how many Achievements were there for both DLC in the EFLC game? Because GTA4 was patched not long ago to include trophies for when it comes out, so presumeably that can 'attach' onto GTA4 somehow, otherwise the trophies wouldn't be in there. The patch added 15 bronze trophies, 5 for TLAD and 10 for BOGT, will there be more in the standalone disc or not? The trophies don't sound too interesting currently.

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