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All in a Name

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Just being present for another Rockstar Opus some years back, there were many who argued at length about the validity of having a number then followed by names for the games in a series on a console. It seemed Rockstar had a plan to break down the GTAs into a more in-depth series, VC, SA, LC, which while LC one might think of GTA3, which most people call GTA 3 when referring to. One could just associate Liberty City with any one of THREE games released, hell, even 4! (GTA4?!?!) That being, the original GTA3, Nintendo DS and PSP's ChinaTown Wars LC, and LC Stories as well as GTA4.

Well, it should be known the re-visioned Liberty City is out of a fondness to properly represent New York for Rockstar North, much to the city leader's chagrin of course! haha

Taking that map and using it for CTW and using the old Liberty City revamped for PSP Stories.

one can tell how someone new to the franchise would have trouble just placing a number after GTA as a game to announce what was their favorite, or game they were referring to in general

As GTA 5, we are pretty much agreeing that is a good name to follow up 4 with, since there were no plans stated as to a location as late as last year when Dan Houser was interviewed and asked about the status.

My own opin is that GTA5 or GTA6 be placed around Carcer City.

Even if Carcer City were to be removed as a fictional city represented, I think, perhaps Detroit in particular comes to mind when I think about it, but the ads in GTA San Andreas promoting tourism to Carser crack me up to this day. Still very amusing to think of what they could actually do with a vivid Carcer 3D map.

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I highly doubt Carcer City would be used in Grand Theft Auto. I think it's best they keep that as a Manhunt reference rather than actually redeveloping it into the GTA universe... would be kinda weird. It would be like having Max Payne 3 set in Liberty City or something. It just doesn't seem to mix.

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