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No one's interested in this? Sure, Rockstar isn't going but there's still lots of cool stuff to check out.

Today was Microsoft's conference, they showed off some shit about Natal( now Kinetic or some crap like that) and gameplay footage of MGS: Rising got out, it was pretty awesome.

I don't really feel like puting up videos here and update this regularly but it would be nice to discuss all of the announcements and shit with you guys.

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I think Microsoft is wanting me to jump ship with how derivative they're being. From introducing a slim model and aping the Wii's games for their unimpressive Kinect accessory, I think they've hit a slump. Come on, Twisted Metal and Little Big Planet 2 look pretty damn inviting from where I'm standing as a (former?) Xbox fanboy.

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I'd agree, but the only games I play are Pokemon, as Scribblenauts underwhelmed me. Continuing my bitch-fest, what the fuck happened to Saints Row 3? They decided to pull it from E3 at the last minute and said they'd need an extra year to work on it. I call bull; they just want to release a shitty live-action movie at the same time, in addition to making a merchandising giant. I see no good from this, I just want the fucking game. No card collecting, no books, no involvement from 50 Cent.

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