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Favorite Weapon

Favorite weopon  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite pistol?

  2. 2. what is you favorite smg?

  3. 3. what is ur favorite shotgun?

    • Combat shotgun
    • sawn off shotgun
    • normal shotgun
  4. 4. what is your favorite rifle?

  5. 5. what is your favorite explosive?

    • grenades
    • molotove cocktails
    • satchel charges
  6. 6. What is your favorite assault rifle

  7. 7. What is your favorite heavy weapon

    • Rpg7
    • Heat seeking missle launcher
    • minigun
    • flamethrower
  8. 8. what is your favourite melee weopon

    • knife
    • baseball bat
    • brass knuckles
    • shovel
    • dildo
    • katana
    • flowers
    • pool cue
    • fist
  9. 9. Favourite weapon category?

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  • 4 weeks later...

pistols:i like 9mm because they can be wielded dual and are deadly accurate

smg:tec9 because small compact and wielded dual

shotgun:normal b'coz it reaches hitman level very quickly

thrown:satchel charges b'coz it explodes at your will

assault:ak47 b'coz high stopping power

heavy:minigun b'coz it is my favorite weapon and it can destroy any thing continuously

mellee:katana as it is the sharpest sword to cut some heads

rifle:sniper as it is an hitman's first choice

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  • 2 weeks later...

I like the silenced 9mm for the stealth aspect of it.

I like the Tec 9 because it looks the coolest.

I chose sawn off shotgun because you can dual wield it.

I chose the sniper rifle because it's fun one shotting helicopters with it.

I chose satchel charges because it's fun attaching them to peds and blowing them up, and sometimes even to yourself.

I went with the AK because it's just an infamous weapon no gangster should leave home without.

I chose minigun because it simply owns all instantly.

I almost picked the dildo because there's something magical about using it to beat someone to death. I've even destroyed police helicopters with it. Ultimately I chose the knife instead though for the stealth aspect behind it. And there's nothing stealthy about waving around a gigantic purple double ender.

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