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Clipped-Wing Or Full-Wing Dodo?


Do You Like The Clipped-Wing Dodo Or The Full-Wing Dodo?  

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  1. 1. Do You Like The Clipped-Wing Dodo Or The Full-Wing Dodo?

    • Clipped-Wing Dodo
    • Full-Wing Dodo
    • Neither

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  • 10 months later...

ok since noone has replied yet, i guss i will.

the clipped dodo is extreamly hard to fly but i mastered that. at first, i cudnt get it off the ground. then i would fly for a second then into the ocean. then would fly from francis intl to staunton and then do it again. then i would fly half way through staunton. then i would do laps around liberty. then i learned to do loops and barrel rolls. then i would fly to ghost town. then i got san andreas. then i flew the full dodo. then i thought about how many months i wasted learning to fly the clipped dodo. then i found u asking me 2 vote for witch one. hmmmm.....the dodo i just perfected flying? or the dodo with wings? well now i dont really care wut i vote 4. all i care about is wut i could have been doing in that time i learned how 2 fly a clipped dodo when i cude hav bin flying a frolicking dodo with actuall frolicking wings! :bashhead::bashhead::bashhead::bashhead::bashhead::bashhead::bashhead::bashhead:

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  • 4 weeks later...
i like the clipped wing dodo because its more of a challenge,but the full winged dodo is way way easier to fly.....so i choose full winged dodo

And theres a mod for a full winged dodo for GTA3, theres a couple of them at GTA downloads

Yeah even though it was hard mastering how to flying the clipped wing dodo it was worth it until I played San Andreas and flew a Hydra. I like the full winged one better because it's easier to fly but the clipped one is still cool beacuse it was a challenge.

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