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After schooling/Getting my bachelors, probably gonna work for a while, get some experience then get my masters in the field I'm comfortable with (Finance or marketing atm).

Was planning to go to film school but a hobby as a full time job just started to seem wrong after a while.

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Well i'd rather not mix up what I do for fun with what I do for the moneyies.

That's how it is with me and music - I'd be scared if my my views on it would change if I made it into a career. But still, find a job that you like at least. ;)

@ Gerard - Ivan wasn't saying that he quit for two weeks. He just didn't smoke those two weeks, and didn't have a NEED(addiction) for it. Hence him saying, "I just don't feel addicted and I'm sure I'm not."

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Apparently, I told everyone who would offer me a scholarship that I wanted to be an English teacher. Seeing as I have a deep-seated hatred for most people between the ages of two and eighteen, there's no chance I would ever stand the job. Now that I'm working as a librarian for the student worker program, I believe I found my future career path.

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I was always a pretty good student, really. Then when I hit puberty I sorta rebelled and went all 'f*** it' .Pretty much got nothing outta my GCSE's (exams which control your life when you're 15, 16) and then regretted it for an absolute age. It was coming up to the end of summer, and everyone I knew had found jobs, further study, or murdered their Grandparents for inheritance to tide them over. I hadn't, so I just threw myself into the local college to see what I could do... anything with computers being the fallback plan. Found out I could study Graphic Design, and voila. That was the master plan.

Less than half a year later and I'd settled back into the same mentality. I'd get up, shower, get dressed, walk to the bus stop, watch the bus go past, walk back home and get in bed. Come 4 oclock I'd get up, go see the GF and walk back home at around 6 with my parents none the wiser. The perfect crime. Then my conscience caught up with me, so I officially backed out of studying, got myself a job and earnt myself some cash until the next academic year rolled around. THEN I got my ass in gear. 3 Years of studying later and I'm on my way to a degree in something I love with people I love beside me.

TlDr: If you've got the brains, it's worth going the full 9 yards with your education. If you don't, there's plenty of things out there you can still do, love and be good at. Not a reason to get complacent or lazy, or to screw yourself over... but if you really want it, you should find it.

Essentially the same thing happened to me, not surprising seeing as me and Llama spent quite a lot of time together growing up lol.

After my GCSE's which were average I suppose, I took the 'expected route' and stayed on at my school to go through sixth form. I pretty much coasted my way through my GCSE's and didn't come out the other side too badly, I took this same mentality into sixth form and when exam time rolled round I was totally f***ed. I bummed out hard on my first year getting 4 E grades and 1 D grade at AS level.

After a very sobering interview with one of our heads of sixth form, I decided to re-take my AS year and try to get some decent grades. I very nearly did the exact same thing, it was only when I realised that all of my friends (now in the year above) were getting university offers in and getting really excited about leaving for university that I thought it was about time i pulled my finger out of my arse and got down to some hard work, and it payed off, I came out of my second year of AS with 2 B grades, 2 C grades and 1 E grade (the E being in physics which I still maintain to be f***ing hard).

I continued this studious approach to my education through to A2 and managed to come out of A2 with 3 C grades which was enough to secure me my place at my first choice university (university of Kent in Canterbury, England) where I am now studying computer science with a year in industry.

Overall I would say that if you know deep down that you are academically capable then go for the academic route, because in the end when you put the effort in you realise just how rewarding it is when you achieve a high grade. But if you know academia is not for you, I wouldn't let yourself be forced into it, I have seen some kids whose parents have forced them into higher education and it has made them really depressed because they just can't cope with the demands of higher education.

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Never graduated year 12 (Did year 11), i'm now 19, and jumping in between jobs now here and there (I don't know what it's like in other countries, but the job market here is REALLY bad). In short, after schooling has been boring :P


I kid.

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