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Modding on mac?


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I don't know anything about Mac's but I'm pretty sure that the version you have is ether 2.0 or 3.0. So the 1st thing you should do is change it to 1.0 so it will allow mods...

Don't axe me how to do that, I still have my original 1.0 copy... all 3 of em' buhahahaha.

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No, it won't be possible.

A PC downgrade works by replacing the V2 .exe with a copy of the original V1 exe (which allows modding).

They never made a V1 for Mac, and of course you can't use the windows .exe file, so it's just impossible to downgrade.

They most likely won't be able to edit the files to allow modding, since it's all closed-source and locked-down.

The only way I think it could be done is by *fooling* the program into thinking it's using the original files, but I don't know how that would be possible.

Sorry :/

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