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How many of you have encountered blown or burnt capacitors on a motherboard? I read an interesting history online that a scientist stole a capacitor formulation and sold it to a Taiwanese manufacturer, Major computer companies bought the subsequent parts from this firm, the stolen formula allowed gases to emit and leak, as well as burst, the electrolytic Capacitors regulating the CPU voltage, and the like. As such, if a board malfunctions and you can physically see the damaged cylindrical caps, you can in fact get a soldering iron and replace them, I'd started doing that after putting off the project for some time, the most effective procedure is using a good spare board with other damage to pull needed caps from and then insert then in the holes of the damaged board, to do that, you have to remove the bad caps as well. It takes 30 minutes or so to do about 5 caps, and I wound up with 9 working computers I had collected for $5 each!!

Some other electronics were also harmed by batches of bad caps because the companies do not make these smaller parts, they buy in bulk from other firms, so brands like IBM, DELL, and Canon, Sony, were all effected in the past 15 years by bad batch capacitors used, My testing and repair showed that just from working the simplest measure of heating mounting solder and gently rocking a damaged cap out and pressuring another in it's place, got a board refurbished, as a result, I had dirt cheap Dual Core status, DDR2 Ram, PCI Express x16 boards for less then $10 USD!

Might wanna think twice about tossing things out you can keep for spare parts!!

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Yup, happened to my last machine. Popped capacitors. And the techs made it sound like the only place for my machine was the scrapyard. I chalked it up to "sh*t happens I guess" and another quality machine from the good folks at Cyber Dorks. And yup, still have the guts of it (what I could not stick into my current machine). I can not bring myself to throw things like that away easily. *L*

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