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what music do you listen from any GTA radio


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All ROCK music, though I think for GTA4, the choices settled upon were definitely uninspired. Though some artists I liked, the songs were not great. So kinda half and half. I like some juxtoposition within game play and music, and Rockstar wanted music to fit the place and setting, to start with as a focal point. Of course, V ROCK actually inspired from the REAL Z-ROCK radio.... which was syndicated in the USA

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GTA3 - Usually Head radio and Lips 106, but all stations in this game are epic and nostalgic for me :)

Vice City - Flash FM, Wildstyle and Wave 103 ftw, but Vrock, Fever and Emotion have songs I like aswell. if I'm not listening to music, i'll listen to vcpr or k-chat, Maurice Chavez is legendary and the k-chat host has a mesmerizing voice.

San Andreas - K-DST, Radio Los Santos and WCTR, love listening to the news feeds that play throughout the storyline.

LCS - Lips 106 takes the cake for me here, all songs are awesome, LCFR is good but I didnt find it as entertaining as the talk shows in other games. Head Radio is a close second.

VCS - Flash and Fresh FM are just amazing, even better than VC's soundtrack which i used to think couldn't be toppled, the various Shows/Plays on VCPR are comedy gold, had me (literally) ROFL'ing and in hysterics, especially Bait and Switch.

GTA IV - Vladivostok FM (especially the TBOGT version). House music is my passion!

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