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Need help finding why GTA SA wont let me mod it i have version 1.0


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First, there is a lot of help in the "GTA SA Modifications" sub-forum including the topic thread "SA Modding Guide". Try looking for your answers there; chances are fairly good that someone else at some point has had the same problem.

Second, signing up for TGTAP and yelling "Heeeeeelp the mods don't work!" is not going to get you very far. For other members to be able to help you, you need to be a bit more specific like:

- What mod are you trying to install?

- What is the mod supposed to do?

- What San Andreas files does the mod have to be installed to or which ones are edited?

- Is your copy of San Andreas purchased or pirated? (TGTAP does not sanction pirated software).

- What installation steps have you tried thus far?

Among other things.

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