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I was discrimination by gamestop


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As you know i'm disabled and i used a power wheelchair to get around so why did i go to gamestop because i order a "in store pickup" for 2 pc games and that is was a sunday and they closed at 6pm and they from me are about 5 miles so after 2 buses i finally arrive and when i got there i knock on the window 2 employee look at me and i wave them over and they did nothing and i did that twice happen and i notice the entrance was small and my wheelchair will not fit so as i got my canes a customer was coming out and they help me by holding the door and i walk in and i question both employee "why did they assist me" and they response is really stupid "they didn't see me" and let me say this

i can see them as they can see me and they BS me

and as i pay for 2 brand new games guess what one was missing a box and the other was missing the manual and i ask can you find them and guess what they were too lazy and made an excuses for there incompetent and after i finish paying and walking away with my canes i ask the guy who was helping me but he rush back and i ask the other sale person what is name and if he the manager and he refuses to tell me and by the way they didn't even help me out so what i did when i sat in my wheelchair and guess what i got his name and badge number and i took my cellphone out and i documented this and i point the camera inside and explain what happen to me if "gamestop corp" want the video to review it and i when on my way for some shopping else where and when i got home i e-mail a furious to them and by the next day i got call from the district manager and customer service executive and they both are going to look into this and this is not the first time that "gamestop employee" did this but a total of 5 times at difference location in ny and is unacceptable but ask for now they were going to call me back monday at 5pm and never did and i will wait until 3pm to call the president office of gamestop and just let them have it and i keep you posted it

this is how they treat disabled/handicapped customer and they do the same thing to regular customer

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1st off, maybe they didn't see you? Or didn't understand your intention?

2nd, I'm not sure I understand what you meant, but word to the wise: Don't let the salespersons bring you the games, take them from the shelves yourself and make sure they are packed properly. I can't even say how many times I found empty cases wile browsing for games. Not to mention there's the possibility of the games being pirated (I don't think that's the case with GameStop, but anyway).

And 3rd... well I don't have a GameStop in my city town but all the other stores seem to be run and managed by assholes. I don't know where you're from but in Romania shit like this isn't unusual...

I personally gave up on buying games on disk, (I've pretty much given up buying games, but that's a different story) instead, I get them via Steam, which someone from TGTAP brought to my attention if I remember correctly (thank you for that).

Sorry to hear about your problems, I don't think you should feel discriminated though. Other people, incapacitated or not, are just as likely to be treated badly or cheated by salespersons.

Ether way you did good with that complaint, hope it works out.

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I was at the counter and saw him get and pick the games so there is no question and saw him took the game in where they keep the pc games and when the problem concurred and happen enough there is some confusion the DM call me the 2nd time today and he thought i need additional help well i told him that someone from HQ was going to speak with him well he seem surprise and so was it and now is more confusion going on :blink::weird: owwwwww my head ! and he was going to call back but never did so the saga continue and in europe they do have gamestop and they are really nice same thing with fye........and some advice pc world is a major scammer just a word of advice

and little side notes my parent were born in europe

My Mom Irish/Scottish

My Father Irish/Albanian

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If the game wasn't packaged / sealed (wrapped in plastic) then you shouldn't have (tried) to buy it.

And PC world isn't a scam, thing is it's only for those who know how to work with it :P I have yet to get scammed on Steam or anywhere else (digital download), how about you and retail? Ohhh right...

I can see where this is going, only 3 pieces of advice for you:

1. If you did buy the games, sucks for you. Like I said higher, you should only buy sealed / packaged games.

2. If you didn't buy them then just drop it, trust me, if the management doesn't solve the problem 24 hours after the incident then it's likely they never will.

3. If you did buy the games AND insist on getting your money back, then simply claim a refund. (in theory) It's your right, and if they refuse well... IDK.

Good luck with that.

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My advice mate, especially with your condition is to just order them online. You can usually get them cheaper plus it would save you all the hassle mentioned in your post.

I wouldn't bother trying to pursue it, if I was you I would just drop it and do everything online. The service is a lot better as there is not much involved in the 1st place!

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