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Serious Black Ops Zombies Players?


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Lol I get the same feeling in L4D2, idiots fail at even the easiest thing, such as pointing the gun and firing.

I'd get CoD just for the zombies, but 60 bucks... not worth it, let me know when it goes under 15 bucks and I'll join you :P

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I use to play Zombies a lot on World at War. My highest was round 28 on Shi No Numa. I love zombies and its the only real reason I like the COD series now. I was tempted to get Black Ops just for the zombies but like Tuner I didn't see the point in forking out the cash when I don't care about the same multi-player as the last 3 games or a 6 hour long single-player campaign.

They should definitely make a zombie only game. I guarantee it would sell loads!

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