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Saints Row The Furd driving.


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I've been following quite a bit about this game and definitely picking it up as close to release as possible if the PC release isn't as buggy as SR2 reportedly was. It looks fun as hell and should be a nice break from the serious AAA titles being released around the same time. I particularly like how you can shoot mindraping squids at people's faces.

I think rockstar are probably shitting it at least a little bit over games like this and the monstrously good fun that was Just Cause 2. For now Rockstar probably have an edge on the market but if people are expecting them to make a move on games like SR3 and JC2 and instead get another IV (which i still think is a fantastic games in it's own right) then they (both the fans and rockstar) might be dissapointed.

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A bit of realism never hurts but GTA IV was over-realistic at times, not talking about the driving, the driving only took the annoyances from realism.

Anyway SR2 actually felt more solid than IV for me, it's just that I required a pretty good system when it really wouldn't need it if it was properly optimized. I hope SR3 is better ported, or at least not worse ported than SR2 :P Anyway that's not the issue, the issue is... umm... can't really find one but I'm sure I'll find something to complain about once it comes out :P

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