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Anybody play Saints Row 2 on PC?


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Come on guys give him a break, he's not THAT bad... is he?

to be on topic,

i would be playing that game if only i had more RAM and a better graphics card.

To be curious why r u asking anyways?


Cause I need a co-op partner? :P

Mainly cause there are a few vehicles that I can't get by myself, but also for the lulz.

And SR2 doesn't need a lot of RAM just a kick ass GPU.

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Saints Row just isn't my thing. I don't know, it's immature even on GTA's standards.

Probably to play with other people, would be my first guess.

And the right one for once lul.

And Saints Row has a shitload of problems, but it has a quality that, for me, GTA IV failed to deliver: it's worth playing.

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