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In my opinion one of the worst feelings is when you make a massive post, and you have lots of anchor tagswithin it, but it breaks every time you edit it. Wouldn't it begreat if you had a simple toolwhich automatically switched all of this broken html code for proper bbcode which is compatible with the forum software.

Well that's what I've done. It basically checks for the mangled code and replaces it, so you don't have to worry about replacing anything by hand. This was born out of years of frustration with having to keep copies of all of my largetopics as when edited they broke. Now it doesn't have to happen.

NB: When copying large pieces of text into the changer, it is normal to not see anything in either box. Just press select all and paste it into the reply box, itwill work.

Enjoy guys!

Here is a direct link . It isn't a time-consuming download as it is only 1.38kb

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