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Is good back..........under unique and good/bad situation

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Let me first by saving that i glad to be back because back in sept 2011 in the early morning hours some [email protected]# broke in by lifting my screen and window and stolen my $1200 mid-range laptop that was my life also stolen almost $40.00 in change but since the police came and they try there best is still an active cases and i did meet the detective and they saw what happen but still i was out of a pc for a total of 6 or more week

so since i'm legally disabled and the state gave me bi-weekly benefit is will not cover for a new pc so i try to find the city or organization to help but no prevail and so i was at the library and i saw a website a non profit that sell pc at a discount and so i fill the application and i wait a few day "nothing" so i call them and they told that receive it and are willing to go out there and my old problem i want a new pc like 2008/2010 those era and they told me is a few years old 1 or 2 yrs to be exact but when i got out there is more like 5yrs old but at the end of day i need a pc and i pay $50.00 which included the pc/monitor/keyboard/mouse and a 90 warranty so my pc

is a dell optiplex gx240 w/ P4 1.7GHZ/512mb/80GB/CDROM

also i have to called logitech to get replacement receiver since the only were on my laptop usb so now i want to find out is this pc upgradable or is not worth it ?

let me know

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Yeah you should thank the guy for stealing your s*it -.- I keed, your new PC is crap. Hope they catch the guy or insurance pays off...

Welcome back anyway.

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