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Guys, I have a problem, actually two -.-"

The first problem is with my GTA SA modding. I can't mode it anymore. Also my entire GTA SA map is 'Read Only' and I can't uncheck that. I've tried with SAMI and IMG Tool, but it just crashes... And yes, I've patched it :P Help please?

The second problem is, that when I could mode, I installed a bike, that needed right player position on it. So the file bikes.ifp has been replaced. The new position was like s***. The player was literally lying on the bike, even my dad laughed when he saw it. But here is the problem, I can't install the original position, and I've tried everything! I replaced with the original file, I replaced it with an original file from some web page with original file, I reinstalled the game, but still nothing! The player is still lying on the! Please help me! Thank you :)

P.S. I also attached the picture, when the stupid player is lying on the stupid bike...

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Yes, it also asks me for admin rights, and I click OK, but then, I check again and the square for read only is still marked o.O And with the mods is like this. When I install a mod with SAMI everything is OK, but in game, when I come near the vehicle, the game crashes. Why is that? Is it because the SA files are read only? And why can't I fix the player position?

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Sorry for spaming, but now it's even worse. Everytime I get near NRG500 the game crashes. I reinstalled it, deleted savegames, all. But if I get let's say to the spot in Los Santos where is NRG500 the game crashes before I can even see it. I give up :(

In that case you didn't install the mod correctly.

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You need to replace the modded .DFF and .TXD with the original .DFF and .TXD then start the game i guess it will work.

And rebuild the archive. I think that's what he forgot to do.

If you don't wanna wait for that, use a different IMG editor just get rid of SAMI.

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