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Hi, my saved game files are not being saved to the "GTA San Andreas User Files" folder because i'm trying to install a 100% complete saved game but when i paste the 100% game in this folder it does not replace any other file. When in the game I have 4 saved games (All my own). Also in my GTA San Andreas User Files I have a folder named gta_sa.set if that means anything.

I'm would like to know how to install this 100% save game, Any help would be appreciated. :)

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Windows XP / Vista / 7: My Documents > GTA San Andreas User Files

Windows 98 or Windows 7 in Windows 98 compatibility mode: Users > Public> Documents or Public Documents > GTA San Andreas User Files

Extract the save file in GTA San Andreas User Files. If it doesn't read it then it's ether made on the 1.1 version of the game, you extracted it with or in a subfolder, or it's just broken.

This is for retail and Steam, IDK about Mac.

Save game I use, tested it recently and it still works: http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/f537-san-andreas-100-save-by-konoko45

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nah that doesn't work because when i delete the old one (if there is one) and paste the new one there the game still shows my old save games when i load it. So i don't think they're saving in that folder.

What OS are you using? And what version of the game (Steam,Mac, etc)?

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