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APB Reloaded


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So the Beta for APB reloaded hit steam today, anybody played it at all?

I rocked a couple of hours on it earlier this evening with a couple friends and I love the premise. The execution's even not too bad. But the fuckin' balance issues are horrible. Pay to play just flat kills free to play. Fact. There's no way to differentiate the groups or split them up. We had a team of 4, with teamspeak and got wrecked by a bunch of randommers who had just paid for guns. It's ridiculous how you can be matchmade with people so much more heavily geared than yourself. They snowball up, and you're left with the same shitty starting rifle.

When you do get a nice balanced set of teams though it's really nice, tactics actually matter and flanking is your bread and butter.

So, anyone played this / planning to / paid for a bajillion dollars ingame and want to group up? :P

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Evo: Same one, the original dev went into liquidation and someone else picked up the assets, it's gone Free to Play and is in beta.

Tuner/a: Lol good luck with that, you have to buy (ingame $)most of your shit which is a total pain in the ass, plus the buy sell interface is just bollocks. I'm on EU1 i think (the one that isn't patriot) if you were at all inetrested. Play on financial mostly and get stomped by the same 4 guys repeatedly.

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Yeah the UI is balls.

Idk about the car customisation yet tbh, not paying for a premium account to get the $ / xp boosts so it tkes fuckign ages to egt new cars / upgrades etc. From what i can see you can make some really nice creations though, think i've seen some custom liveries people have uploaded aswell (saw an epic sleeper / lowrider with a mental Ken Block livery :P) But it's a bit of a shame the selection of fast cars isn't semingly that big. There's a totally not dodge ram, totally not a IV banshee, a totally not a porsche and a totally not a mustang in that sort of department I've seen.

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Sleeper = cheap car (usually) with performance mods / tuning but none on the visual side.

Ricer = cheap car (again, usually) with few or no performance mods but a shitload of visual ones. Although a lot of people these days (usually sleeper fans or retards... then again they are the same thing) refer to a customized car as being a ''ricer'' even though it's a bomb when it comes to performance.

Some people say RICE stands for Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements but it doesn't take a genius to realize that it's downright racist (most ricers being Japanezie cars).

Best example of a sleeper vs ricer war can be found at NFSCars.net. Sleeper fans claim ricers vandalized the cars with their vinyls and neons n' shit and ricers claim sleeper fans are just lazy f*cking assholes who upload stock / factory cars in the showroom just for the sake of it. I've seen some really ugly ricers on NFSCars but at least they try, sleeper fans are faggots.

And Mike, that faggot who owns the site doesn't seem to give a shit...

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