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GTAIV: San Andreas Beta 2 Released


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Last week we showed you the Vice City RAGE mod for GTA IV that is looking very good already and due to be released next month, and if you've been following GTA IV modding news you may remember we reported on a similar project a few months ago, one which brought San Andreas into GTA IV. Today, the GTAIV: San Andreas team have finally released the second beta of their mod, adding new features including radio, a new HUD, improved map, new lights, plus many more. Here's a video of the mod

The download is a rather large 1.5GB, but there are a number of sites hosting it as well as a torrent available. Download links can be found on the GTAIVSA website. We'll have our own mirror up soon.

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I don't mod because I got GTA IV on consoles and was fine and dandy just playing with what Sandbox they gave me, but I like what I see with ICEnhancer as well as most people have, Those casual observers like me. What is REALLY neat is that in Rockstar's website is that their recent Q and A mentioned how impressed they are with the modding work! That's surprising to hear, as most think the companies frown on what appears on the surface as Reverse Engineering of sorts

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