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IV Vehicle mods Question


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Hey all. I'm pretty crap at all this modding stuff and I've only just decided to get into it at all and it's not gone well.

So I ran through a tutorial on replacing vehicles in the game, did the whole xliveless thing, launched from the actual exe instead of the launcher, yadda yadda. Trouble is when I get into game having replaced some files, just... no cars appear. At all. What'sa goin on?


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Hey huck, cheers for the post. Nevermind though, I'd buggered up the vehicle's line in the IDE file so it created a conflict and stuff stopped spawning. Out of interest, though, do you know of any vehicle spawners that run with the latest build of the game?

I use the Simple Native Trainer for that. Install the mod, hit F2 ingame, select vehicle spawn, and then do your thing. Note that you'll have to use the numpad for navigating things in that trainer.

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Hey all, I might as well bump this, since it seems overly complicated getting into any modding. You know there are those who are comfortable with hardware, but not software, I'm a bit like that, I needed a PC worthy to run and then MOD GTA on PC, mine is not really there just yet, but I can get GTA IV to run better then GTA Episodes, on a limited, older dual core platform... Dell Opti

Anyway, I downloaded some shown car mods off YouTube author links, these are as ZIP files, my question is can these be run from any associated MOD "kit", the Trainer mentioned, for example? I'm just not that hip to things needed besides the game itself. I think seeing the Mod in action is what persuades me, hence going the YouTube route.

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