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The Bossman

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Anyone here have a youtube account, and if so, have you uploaded anything yet? Mine's here - http://www.youtube.c...bossman222?ob=0 Mainly COD gameplays and other stuff. Also I have a favourite youtube commentator called ELPRESADOR, I'll embed a compilation so you can see how mad he gets, it's all fun though. Bear in mind this is a compilation of rage so it's gonna be loud and maybe annoying for some people, I personally think it's hilarious.

I also like SandyRavage because he's really good at COD and doesn't even upload that often. So yeah share your youtube channels, favourite commentators/whatever. I searched and didn't see a youtube topic.

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I do but I don't really use it for my own videos since I don't have anything worth showing. I mainly use it to subscribe to a few channels I'm interested in.

Seeing this thread reminded me to uploaded my old Vice City stunt videos, they're quite shit since they're like 8 years old now (seriously) and were made before stunting became a popular thing to do. So all the cool tricks and locations weren't known yet. I have a few other random vids on there too, so yeah, I'm probably not worth subscribing to, but if you're interested: http://www.youtube.com/user/chrisjp88/videos

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Couple of my fav. commentator/video game guys etc

TotalBiscuit - http://www.youtube.c...eature=g-user-u

PotatoOrgy - http://www.youtube.c...eature=g-user-u - Has the Funniest Minecraft SMPs

OGFurious - http://www.youtube.c...eature=g-user-u

DeanLeysen http://www.youtube.com/user/DeanLeysen ^^Same guy out if character

WIll post more later

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PotatoOrgy - http://www.youtube.c...eature=g-user-u - Has the Funniest Minecraft SMPs

Wow, that's amazing. I haven't met another PotatoOrgy fan outside of his comments and livestreams-- nice to know that there's another fan of his here.

Anyways, for anyone else reading, since this is a GTA forum, I refer you to his Team Mongoose Plays series. Specifically his GTAIV videos:

His group of friends are the coolest, most likeable bunch ever.

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