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Game choice, need help!



  1. 1. which game?

    • COD Black Ops
    • Battlefield: Bad Company 2
    • Other

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Well, prices have fell, on all but the latest, the upcoming Black Ops II, so I'd be eventually interested in PERHAPS owning all, they've certainly had their share of popularity, and basically a successful offshoot of COD.

If you have PSN or XBL, you could download demos but they DO take ages if over a Gigabyte!

I've seen people playing BC2 on my XBL for ages, could mostly be one or two people who become obsessive about the game play, but they say good things. I was also told to try out Left4Dead, which usurped the fanbase for Dead Rising it seems. I remember when that game broke GangBusters! It was the king of Xbox360 games for a time

I'm not into war sim, but been intrigued by the online MP or premise behind World of Tanks, or World of Aircraft? I can't recall the precise name off hand, but I was reading a review of those not long ago. I'm still on the fence about whether LA Noire might be to my liking, even at it's current $20 cost

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